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Welcome to What Makes Me Fat!
I know there are thousands of recipe sites out on the internet these days. They all have really great recipes. But, I wanted a recipe site with good home cooking recipes that didn't have a lot of hard to find ingredients and diet restrictions. Now don't get me wrong, diet restrictions are a must for most people, but there are a ton of sites that cater to those. This site does not, you won't find any low fat recipes. You won't find sugar free recipes. You won't find the vegan and tofu.

What you will find are those recipes that grandma used to make, plus some new ones like deep fried candy. There are an assortment of recipes from desserts to salads. More and more are added daily. I really do have over 100 thousand recipes to add. Now some will go on my sister site, Beckie's Kitchen. So be sure to check it out too.

Now just a little about me, I'm Beckie, a 62 year old grandma who loves collecting recipes. Due to not being able to stand for long, I don't do a lot of cooking anymore. But I do great at supervising, just ask my daughter!

I hope you enjoy your stay here and if you have any questions or comments, drop me a line at